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Beautiful modern interiors, new builds and renovations
Beautiful sun filled loungeroom, teal walls, concrete floos

About Us

Jim DeBressac is a Licenced builder and structural landscaper (Licence No 36879C) with over 20 years experience in building construction.
Jim has a particular eye for detail and specialises in creative solutions to difficult construction problems.

Working with Jim are a team of hand-picked tradespeople who can be called upon at any time to assist with a project. We find this approach minimises the cost to client whilst keeping standards at an extremely high level.

Jim started his career as a bricklayer and still derives a great deal of pleasure from a day of excellent face-brick work!


Jim's partner Kate provides full time administrative support to the building process, and liaises with clients to make sure goals are met on time and within budget.

Kate has many years of business management experience, particularly in finance and administration. She negotiates with suppliers to ensure the best prices are achieved and manages supplies and labour so that no time is lost waiting for deliveries or people.

Whether the project is large or small, we feel it is essential that the project is managed in a professional manner. This structure allows the builder to continue building the project full time, whilst the administration and reporting is attended to off-site.



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